My wife is a real estate broker and occasionally asks me to put together creative plantings as gifts for clients. Cordova Gardens is the perfect spot for finding what I need. They have a really good selection of artsy, high quality ceramic pots and unlike most nurseries they also have a several thousand foot green house filled with tropical house plants. When you walk in, even on a cool day, its like suddenly being in Costa Rica. Inside the Cordova greenhouse you’ll find everything from inexpensive 4″ bromiliads, orchids and dracaenas. If you have a few more bucks in your pockets they also sell great looking large indoor palms, figs, indoor giant birds of paradise etc.

Outside Cordova Garden are adding new succulents all the time and have an adequate supply of bedding plants and perennials too. Prices are good and if you’re like me and like a nursery thats not just like all the others, Cordova’s is worth a visit…regularly. Cordova Gardens is on Encinitas Blvd. about a mile or so east of I-5 on the north side of the road.

Loren Nancarrow, Rancho Santa Fe, CA

We have been going to Cordova Greenhouses and Cordova Gardens for years. When things need a lift in our garden, for a fountain, container, or a plant, the first place we go is Cordova Gardens.

Mary Ann and Jerry Fitch, Rancho Santa Fe – Customers for over 25 years

Cordova Gardens, a Lovely Place

What a lovely place for exotic plants, fountains, pottery and outdoor furniture is the Cordova Gardens. They have a great selection of wonderful tropical plants, succulents and cactus. They have a good variety of pottery, a great selection of fountains and a fine line of outdoor furniture. If you want to decorate or remodel your patio, garden or courtyard, this is the place to shop.

The Cordova Gardens is basically run by Joe Sr., his wife Martha and his son Joe Jr. It is a family business which puts the love in to the gardens. You simply cannot drop by there and buy nothing!

I have built a new front courtyard and I wanted a set of new outdoor furniture and a fountain for this courtyard. After an online search, it all came down to Cordova Gardens.

The boss (my better half), decided to purchase an all concrete table and bench set with tiles top (park style but fancy). She also wanted a large fountain. So we went there and saw Joe Sr. babysitting his grandson. Joe had his foot in the cast but running (wobbling) after his grandson who was dodging him in between plants around the garden. Joe was babysitting, chatting with customers and making sales at the same time!

The Gardens are lovely, it is a large area consisting of a garden, a greenhouse and a pottery area full of plants, fountains, pottery and outdoor furniture. The boss looked around, examined the complete selection and came up with a wonderful set consisting of a round table and 3 round benches. They were made of concrete with handmade tile top design. She also decided on a large wall fountain.

We ordered the table and bench set along with the fountain from Joe Sr. We saw the garden samples and the catalogues and then the boss chose the right design and colors for the fountain and the bench set. Next she ordered the costume-made fountain and the bench set to be made and delivered from the factories.

We also added a pump and a light for the fountain. Joe Sr. took the orders, gave discount on the order and delivery. In this trip, we spent about $ 1,700.00 on costume-made fountain and furniture to be made and delivered in about 5 to 6 weeks, which it did actually take between 5 to 6 weeks to be delivered.

They delivered and installed the furniture and the fountain at the desired places in my front courtyard. The workers were professional. They leveled the table and the fountain (because the courtyard floor is a bit steep), they done minor adjustments and installed them carefully. The table had a tinny discoloration on the side which the labors used lacquer and made it look like brand new. Afterward, I could not even notice where the discoloration was! They were well prepared and had everything in their truck. The boss was very happy with the material.

Overall, this was a good purchase and experience. They have so many wonderful stuff at the Cordova Gardens and with large selections to choose from, you cannot help but to buy something! If you are looking for something unique and unusual for your outdoor decor, this is the place to shop.

I strongly recommend this place for the gardeners, people with high taste and folks searching for the unusual decors. This is the hidden garden you been searching for.

Ahreeman X., San Diego

We bought a fountain for our courtyard from Cordova Gardens over three years ago based on the recommendation of our landscape architect. Amazingly, in almost forty months of running this fountain 12 hours a day, the freakin’ pump still works. Their delivery service to set the fountain up was also excellent.

Now, we like going there to buy plants that you cannot kill … a great selection of healthy ones for sure. We also mak e sure to go there on a day that Elizabethan Desserts down the hill will be open … mmmm, cupcakes!

Brigette Z, San Diego, CA.

My boyfriend and I come here frequently to get plants for our yard. They have the most amazing selection of succulents and their prices are great. I do not agree with others regarding customer service. I always find Jose and his father Joe to be extremely attentive and helpful. They are a family owned business and can answer any question you may have. It is by far the most beautiful Garden Center I have been to. I love this place!!!

Erika W., Encinitas, CA

They fixed my fountain wonderfully. It works better than ever. And the price was great. Thank you very much!

Stacey W., San Diego CA

They have always been my go to nursery for fountains and repair. They have a wonderful selection of novel and traditional plants for indoor and outdoor. Their staff is extremely knowledgeable and friendly.

Ralph and Dione R., Carlsbad CA

I’ve been meaning to write this review for a long time! I have been going to Cordova Gardens for 10+ years. I love to just walk around and enjoy the serenity of this beautiful place. I am far from a green thumb so every time I visit I have lots of questions. What time to plant, where to plant, drought tolerant (or me proof) plants, design? Jose is always there to help me and we have built a great rapport over the years. The service has always been A+, which is why I continue to visit after all of these years. I love the feeling of this family owned business rather than the big box stores! The prices are always more than reasonable and the selection….gorgeous. They also have lots of statues and fountains to make your garden a tranquil place to spend your time. I think my favorite thing they do are all of the succulent arrangements.

Thank you Cordova Gardens for always meeting or beating my expectations at each and every visit!!!!

Michele Z., San Diego, CA

Really love this nursery! They always have what I am looking for and more. Very nice man and his son run the business and they are always very helpful. We also bought our home fountain there and after five years it is still running perfectly. I definitely recommend this nursery!

Honest Reviewer M., San Marcos, CA