Cordova Gardens is an Encinitas, North County,  family owned and operated, retail and delivery garden center, boasting 2 beautiful acres of colorful, healthy plant nursery grounds. Our garden and nursery center specializes in outdoor tropical plants, drought tolerant succulents, pottery, fountains, statuary, birdbaths, tables benches, and more; we maintain the largest inventory of plants and garden art in North County, San Diego. Give us a call 760-944-6984






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The Cordova Guarantee:
Our garden nursery experts are family, just like our customers, and have been working in the garden industry and on our grounds daily for decades. They are here to help guide and educate you, and provide the resources to insure that all your plant purchases will maintain a healthy and long life. Our family is dedicated to the success of your gardening endeavors and we will help you create the perfect outdoor space, whether it be for entertaining, relaxing, family time or simply playing around.


We stock the widest variety of high fired Vietnamese stoneware, as well as, high-fired Italian terra cotta pottery, and high-fired hand painted Talavera pottery. We travel the world in search of amazing and unique garden art to share with you and your family!

“Cordova Gardens is the perfect spot for finding what I need. They have a really good selection of artsy, high quality ceramic pots and unlike most nurseries they also have a several thousand foot green house, filled with tropical houseplants. When you walk in, even on a cool day, it’s like suddenly being in Costa Rica. Prices are good, and if you’re like me and prefer a nursery that’s not just like all the others, Cordova’s is worth a visit…regularly!” – Loren Nancarrow, Rancho Santa Fe, CA

From our home to yours:
Cordova Gardens offers in-house (not sub-contracted) delivery and installation of all purchased items. Please be sure to let us know upon arriving, that you will need assistance getting your purchases home and/or in the ground.